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About Us.

We are a boutique post-production and motion graphics

studio based in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Shishkin Productions was founded by Alexei Shishkin in 2010 with one goal in mind: to tell our clients' stories in a consistently engaging way.

We specialize in short-form digital content and have worked with a variety of clients across a diverse range of verticals, including tech, sports, music, food, and fashion.

Over the last ten years, our journey has taken us from sunny Los Angeles to misty Portland and finally to bustling Brooklyn. We've not only developed a robust professional network, but more importantly have built solid friendships with our collaborators.

We have a talented team of video editors, photo editors, motion graphics artists, and designers, and we can provide scalable solutions for all your post-production needs.

Want to be a part of that? E-mail us -- we're always happy to chat.

Behind Our Scenes.